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Moving To That “Next Step” With Your Business Network

As a small business goes from a small (under 10) employee base to something larger; growing pains start occurring, especially when it comes to the network. The jump from an in-house, usually cobbled together with consumer-class hardware, network structure to a highly reliable business-ready network can be scary. The cost to revamp a network can spiral out of control if a plan is not in place. Below is a quick rundown of things to keep in mind as your company grows.

Outsource IT Work

Even if you have an IT Professional on staff, offloading some of the IT work to a third-party ensures that the network is assessed and configured properly. Companies like LAN System Services Inc. offer evaluations to your network will provide a roadmap of what’s needed for your Network and set up your network based on your business needs.

What is Important?

The ultimate goal is to figure out what are most important files and/or computers on your network. For example: instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a backup for a sales person’s computer that already accesses a centralized server for all files (client list, potential sales leads, etc.), the focus should be on the centralized server that the sales person is accessing and making sure that redundancies (both on-site and off-site) are configured and tested regularly.

Backup Equipment

Even if an employee accesses files on a centralized server and doesn’t have any necessary local files on their local client machine, an out-of-commission client machine with no hardware backup could cost a small business hundreds or thousands in a loss of productivity. Having extra parts and even full backups of client machines ready for quick deployment is crucial to minimize massive losses in employee productivity.