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Tablets and Company Networks

Tablets use amongst business-people continues to expand, ever since the original iPad release. In a 2011 Forrester survey, 51 percent of workers paid for their own work tablet, while a 2012 Forrester survey forecasted that over 70 percent of the iPads used for work would be purchased by employees. This trend is expected to continue and it’s only a matter of time until businesses themselves start purchasing tablets for their employees. While this disruptive change has unmistakable implications to the PC Industry, it also raises concerns over the preparedness of business IT networks and the challenges that businesses will be faced with implementing tablets.


One of the major security concerns include users connecting handling of company data on devices which the IT Department has no control over, like personal devices. Device Analytics published a recent survey that stated 47 percent of businesses allowed personal devices to connect to the company network which resulted in some sort of security breach with the company’s data. Issues like this require either a large internal investment in IT or looking to a outside Managed IT Service.

A solid and robust IT network is required for a modern company network, especially with the recent influx of personal devices like Smartphones and Tablets. If you are looking for a company that can install and manage your IT needs, call LAN System Services, Inc. today!

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