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Planning for Business Network Disasters

Your business data is important. We all know that we cannot afford to lose data. Businesses can come to a halt for days and even weeks due to a loss of data or a single drive corruption. A computer or a network issue can creep up at any time and will likely occur at the most inconvenient time for you and your company. Proper planning will prevent long outages and will ensure that when your network comes back up, it is functioning properly. Here are some great computer and network recovery plans to put in place at your company.


Backing up your computers or servers is essential. While it is possible to recover files from corrupted or damaged drives, data loss is very possible in those scenarios.

Automate Backups

Having an automated system in place is ideal and cuts down on human error when it comes to data backups. The main cause of data loss is human error (not swapping out tapes or drives properly, someone forgetting to set up a backup to run, etc.). ALWAYS automate backups.

Backup Data Offsite

Consistent and redundant backups of your company data are useless in the event of a break-in at your place of business or during a natural disaster (like a flood or a fire). Having an offsite backup protects you from data loss.

Image Backups

Shadow copies or image copies are way more useful than simply having the files backed up offsite or onto another drive. Imaging your server is similar to making an exact replica; that replica can then be directly copied to another server saving an enormous amount of time and money in getting your network back. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about losing your preferences, configurations or favorites.

Have a Communications Backup Plan

What if you cannot access your email or use your company phones? We take things like these communication methods for granted. Having a printed out and current list of employee personal phone numbers or email addresses can help in a communications outage of any sort.

Write Out the Plan

One of the simplest (and most forgotten) things you can do is write down a step-by-step network disaster recovery plan.

Test Your Plan

A Forrester Research and the Disaster Recovery Journal did a study in October 2009 and found that 50 percent of companies test their disaster recovery plan just once a year, while 14 percent never test their plan. It is recommended that your company runs tests on the network and computer recovery plans once a month.

Outsource Your IT Needs

While you may have the know-how and the expertise in-house, having an outside company handle your IT needs will allow you to focus on your customers and get back to work in a timely manner. Companies like LAN System Services Inc. are structured to help companies come up with a computer recovery plan to get their computers and networks back up in a timely manner.