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On site Support

​​We provide informed, customer-focused onsite technical support. LAN System Services Inc. has a dedicated team of network engineers that you can trust for rapid response!

On-site Support Services

Network Services
LAN System Services clients use our team of experts to provide the right combination of scheduled and incident based on-site support visits to ensure that technology works as a partner to their success.

Scheduled Support

Scheduled support services provide recurring visits of four to eight hour blocks of time during which our engineers address user requests and solve the technology problems that keep your team from getting their work done. In the event that something critical happens between scheduled visits, our standard on-site response services are there to have you up and running in no time at all.

On-Site Incident Response

LAN System Services on-site incident response and problem resolution services focus on first understanding the urgency of your organization’s need and then getting you back to a satisfactory operational state as soon as possible.

Whether you have an urgent incident that’s disrupting productivity or a planned event requiring outside assistance, our on-site incident response services can provide you with the solution you need to get back to business.