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Moving To That “Next Step” With Your Business Network

As a small business goes from a small (under 10) employee base to something larger; growing pains start occurring, especially when it comes to the network. The jump from an in-house, usually cobbled together with consumer-class hardware, network structure to a highly reliable business-ready network can be scary. The cost to revamp a network can Read more…

Some Things to Think About Before Moving Your Business to WiFi

WiFi is becoming the de facto way to connect to the Internet. With devices like smartphones, tablets and even new laptops shipping without an Ethernet port, the ability have consumer-leaning devices connecting to a work network is becoming harder. That wouldn’t be as big of a problem, but as more and more companies allow employees Read more…

Planning for Business Network Disasters

Your business data is important. We all know that we cannot afford to lose data. Businesses can come to a halt for days and even weeks due to a loss of data or a single drive corruption. A computer or a network issue can creep up at any time and will likely occur at the Read more…

Questions You Should Ask Your Computer Consultant Before Hiring Them To Support Your Network.

Q1. Is there someone there to take my call? If I email or leave a message, how quickly should I expect a response? A1. We have dedicated dispatch to take your calls and emails. During our hours of operation, you can expect a support request to be assigned to one of our network engineers within Read more…